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Welcome to the official website of The Original Pancake House in Montgomery! The franchise has been around ever since 1953 when Les Highest and Erma Hueneke decided to open the first restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Ever since then the franchise has expanded to all over the US including when in 1995 our location was opened up. Here in Montgomery our critically acclaimed food is made-from-scratch using our unique recipe for sourdough starter, fresh AA grade eggs, 93 score butter, pure 36% whipping cream, hard wheat, and unbleached flour. These mixes of the most exceptional ingredients have given us the opportunity to be recognized by numerous places, receiving an award of excellence from the James Beard Foundation and placing in the "Top Ten Pancake Restaurants in the Nation" according to USA Today! We are determined to serve you the best we can and offer outstanding food of the highest quality. We hope to see you dining with us in the near future, and we promise to give you the best service possible. Thank you for choosing us and please enjoy your time with us!



"Top Ten Pancake Restaurants in the Nation"

Zagat Dining Guide
Rated "Excellent"

The James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence

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Parenting Magazine: For Family Restaurants
Rated "Excellent"